In no particular order

Shaken the hand of a U.S. President (JFK) Seen prehistoric cave drawings in France Viewed Paris from atop the Eiffel Tower Ate Souvlaki wrap from street vendor’s cart in Athens Had dinner at Hotel atop Rock of Gibraltar Toured the Casbah in Tangiers, Morocco Surfed at Waikiki Beach Sat next to Eddie Albert at Eartha… Continue reading In no particular order

George Washington University Days

MEMORIES FROM THE TURBULENT YEARS OF THE 1960’S PROTESTS,  RIOTS, DEMONSTRATIONS AND BUILDING TAKEOVERS AT GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY I completed my doctoral studies at Michigan State University in June of 1968 and accepted a position in July of that year as Dean of Men at George Washington University, then led by Dr. Lloyd H. Elliott. … Continue reading George Washington University Days

The Meaning of Life

There is an expression that reads: in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes (alleged to have been said by Benjamin Franklin). Leaving aside the notion that taxes are a 1 certainty for another discussion, it is certain that all organic beings — from the most primitive single-celled organisms… Continue reading The Meaning of Life