In no particular order

Shaken the hand of a U.S. President (JFK)

Seen prehistoric cave drawings in France

Viewed Paris from atop the Eiffel Tower

Ate Souvlaki wrap from street vendor’s cart in Athens

Had dinner at Hotel atop Rock of Gibraltar

Toured the Casbah in Tangiers, Morocco

Surfed at Waikiki Beach

Sat next to Eddie Albert at Eartha Kitt’s show in Hawaii

Saw Bob Cousy and the Celtics play at Boston Garden

Attended NFL preseason game in Chicago starring Jim Brown

Visited home of Columbus in Genoa, Italy

Toured the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

Saw the floating city in Hong Kong, China

Watched the King Family Singers show at Md. Post Pavilion 

Attended nighttime water ballet show at Jones Beach with Esther Williams, accompanied by Guy Lombardo’s Orchestra

Was a guest for a week at Grossinger’s Resort in Catskills

While in the US Navy (1957 – 1960)

  • Spent 60 days in mountains on coast of Turkey monitoring radio and electronic navigation equipment
  • Attended Bobby Darrin’s stage show at Waikiki Shell
  • Had dinner at Hotel Odessa in Ukraine
  • Transited the deepest known site in the world’s oceans
  • Interviewed by world press corps during visit to Odessa
  • Transited the Panama Canal from Atlantic to Pacific
  • Watched dredging of Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Experienced 100 ft swells during north Atlantic crossing
  • Earned at most, $89/month
  • Spent 3 yrs, 1 mo, 16 days, 12 hrs, 10 min in uniform and never saw a shot fired by anyone in anger

Rolled a jeep at age 15, three days after licensing

First paying job ($1.50/hr) delivering propane to homes

Plowed driveways for 35 regular customers with 1943 Jeep

Played snare drum in HS marching band

Served homemade chocolate donuts by #1 grandmother (best ever)

Saw Carl Yastrzemski hit home run in Fenway Park

Spent summer as limousine driver on Maine coast and chauffeured Shirley Booth (Hazel the Maid)

Spent two summers as swim instructor/lifeguard at Bar Harbor Club (6 yr old Lisa Pulitzer was a student)

Taught how to be a retail clerk in grandfather’s general store (Gerry Company) as pre-teen

Met famous “Chicago Eight” defendants in Washington, DC

Subpoenaed by HUAC as witness in political activist hearing

Observed artillery fire in Cuba in Castro’s takeover war

Witnessed Sputnik orbital transit

Saw Andre the Giant at Baltimore airport

First ever plane ride was from Hawaii to California

Witnessed a complete embalming by father (funeral director)  

Toured home of Einstein at Princeton University

Helped deliver oversize Holstein calf using rope/pulley

Once scored 14 pts in first quarter of JV basketball game

While at the University of Maine:

  • Experienced 10 ft high snowdrifts delay start of spring semester
  • Elected as Freshman Class President
  • Elected President of Senior Skull Honor Society

While at George Washington University:

  • Witnessed The US Marshall end building takeover by antiwar protestors
  • Sat in on GWU Board meeting with J Edgar Hoover (FBI), Katherine Grahm (Wash Post), and John Hughes (Mellon Foundation)

Witnessed an appendectomy/fallopian tube removal by MD uncle

Spent a week trapped in Boston during 1978 blizzard

Attended a reception for Barry Goldwater’s return to Senate

Saw diving bell Trieste in dry dock at Pearl Harbor, one week after dive in Marianas Trench to 37,500 ft.

Visited Basílica de Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona, Spain

Saw funeral parade for Eisenhower in DC with Charles de Gaulle and Haile Selassie marching

Met Patrick Ewing in Georgetown bookstore

Saw blank building foundations after cyclone hit Guam

Drove across Golden Gate Bridge

Touched General Sherman, largest Sequoia tree in the world

Visited Mt. Rushmore

Enjoyed Bananas Royale in New Orleans

Designed over 200 college and university campus stores in US, Canada, and Guam

Worked 4 yrs for the US Marine Corps starting at age 70

Made an eagle on par 5 on Cape Cod to win hole for team

Drove ambulance while 5 yr old drowning victim recovered from ice-covered river

Came within a day of crossing equator on Pacific cruise

Owned 3 motorcycles including a Honda Goldwing

First new car was a ’64 Dodge Dart, cost $1,800

Watched the sun rise atop Mt. Cadillac in Acadia National Park

Served custard pudding by #2 grandmother (best ever)

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