About Paul

Paul Sherburne

Growing up in the post-depression years of WWII, Paul Rogers Sherburne was the middle child in a family of three boys.  His mother gave piano and violin lessons at home, and his father was a funeral director in a small family-owned business.  He grew up in a small town (entire high school population just over 100) and spent much of his childhood in the forest engaged in exploration and games of fantasy.  Favorite activities included spending summers at his grandparent’s camp on a remote pond or being a guest at his great aunt’s farm in the country.  Most of his writing can be traced to these experiences.

Following graduation from high school and military service as an electronics technician in the US Navy (post-Korea and pre-Vietnam) he earned the first of three college degrees (mathematics, psychology and management), culminating in a doctorate from Michigan State University in 1968.  A series of positions in university administration was followed by a twenty year career as a small business owner and retail store planning consultant.  Paul retired to Florida in the late 1990s to share time with his two brothers (snowbirds) and his parents.

After a period of ten years and with the passing of his parents, he served in the Defense Department while working for the US Marine Corps in eastern North Carolina, and more recently the VA at the South Florida National Cemetery in Lake Worth.

Now in retirement, and in furtherance of the goal of periodically visiting his two daughters and grandchildren in Connecticut and Washington states, he’s augmenting his travel fund by writing and producing unique craft projects.